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Security Guard

How can a security guard add value to your business?

In the face of increasing cyber crime from a number of online sources, it is easy for businesses to overlook or ignore other aspects of security, such as the ever-present threat of break-ins and burglaries.

At the same time, traditional techniques used to prevent theft are becoming less and less popular. For instance, security guards are often considered out of date when compared with modern technology like CCTV surveillance and wireless detectors.

However, a lot can still be said for the humble security guard. In fact, a human presence at your place of business can offer unrivalled value in many ways.

Arguments against a security guard

As with any other security solution, manned guarding does have its flaws. The cost of employing a round-the-clock security guard is simply too much money for the vast majority of businesses. What’s more, alternatives such as CCTV are arguably more reliable and the camera never lies either.

However, security guards can still prove irreplaceable when mitigating specific risks for certain businesses. The tangible contributions that a qualified and skilled professional can provide also has the potential to make a number of organisations much more resilient.

Arguments for a security guard

If you can compare security guards to technology when discussing the downsides of manpower, you can certainly do the same when talking about the advantages too.

To give an example, CCTV is generally focused towards detection, often using motion sensor technology to quickly identify trespassers. However, it is unable to respond to this threat and doesn’t have the ability to stop the criminal from taking whatever they want.

The same can’t be said for security guards, which remain a primary asset for response. By using all of their human senses, security guards can judge situations with much more accuracy. They can also learn from their mistakes, get better over time, reassure staff and customers, serve as brand ambassadors, and deliver first aid if required.

The value of security guards

Although a lot depends on the location and circumstances, security guards are still one of the best ways to safeguard valuable assets and keep members of the public free from harm.

Moving forward, security guards will continue to add value to numerous businesses in various industries. When integrated into the right technology systems, the combination of modern security measures and manned guarding will deliver an almost impenetrable force.

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