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Key Holders

Reasons to outsource your keyholding requirements

According to a report by the Federation of Small Businesses, 48 per cent of small businesses have been a victim of crime (not including cybercrime) since 2014. This is despite the fact 41 per cent of businesses have also installed or upgraded a system to improve their security during the same period.

But one effective change your business could make is to outsource keyholding, as it will afford the following advantages.

Professionalism and proficiency

Seeing as security firms have a great deal of industry experience and expertise, you can rest assured that any breach or break-in will be handled with the utmost professionalism and proficiency. Security personnel will also know exactly what to do when confronting trespassers and contacting the authorities.

Safety and security

The problem with managing your keyholding requirements in-house is that ordinary members of staff are at risk of violent crime and other dangers. This can have an adverse effect on employee morale and performance, which is something all businesses must avoid. Outsourced keyholding can guarantee peace of mind and let the workforce know they are valued.

Comfort and convenience

Another issue associated with in-house keyholding is that nominated personnel must always be prepared to respond. For example, they could be woken up in the night and told there has been a breach, only to find out it was a false alarm and they can go back home. Several staff won’t like the thought of being ‘on call’ or appreciate their sleep being disturbed the day before work.

Speed and savings

In-house keyholders might live quite far away from your business or even be otherwise engaged and unable to respond to security breaches. But by placing your trust in the hands of a dedicated keyholding service, you can rest assured that any incident will be dealt with incredibly quickly. This can also result in big savings, especially if criminals are caught in the act of theft.

Costs and compensation

Don’t think of outsourced keyholding as yet another unnecessary business expense; rather an extremely cost-effective security solution. With the help of a professional security firm, there is less chance of staff members filing personal injury claims against the company. You may even be offered a cheaper premium from your insurance company, which could go towards the cost of outsourced keyholding.

If you would like to find out more about our keyholding service, contact Access Facilities Management today.

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