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cctv in shopping centre

Is CCTV Really Needed?

There are now six million CCTV cameras in the UK, which equates to one for every 10 people. This number only goes up when you throw automatic number plate recognition cameras, police body-cams, and video drones into the mix as well.

Another eye opening statistic is the estimate that 20 per cent of the world’s surveillance cameras are in Britain, even though its home to less than one per cent of the global population.

This will cause concern among many people, believing that the UK is now Big Brother, watching over our every move. However, the quantity of cameras isn’t the issue here – its whether they are being used and deployed in the right way.

“Technology can support law enforcement and protect society,” says surveillance commissioner Tony Porter. “My concern is about the introduction of poor surveillance that doesn’t benefit society.”

From a business’s point of view, CCTV can be an incredibly effective and often invaluable form of security that offers round-the-clock protection from criminal activity.

The corporate case for CCTV

 Every employer has a duty of care towards staff, customers, and any other members of the general public that enter the workplace. The last thing they want is to feel threatened or uneasy at your place of business, as this can lead to a lack of morale and trust.

Businesses must also be mindful of the expensive assets they have on site, which may also include confidential or sensitive details. When in the wrong hands, this kind of information can be extremely damaging for both reputations and revenue.

In order to cover these bases and ensure security is never a problem, a lot can be said for the deployment of CCTV. What’s more, constant surveillance can also afford the following advantages.

  • Reduce costs and risk – CCTV offers a full overview of your property or premises, real-time recording, and the possibility of remote monitoring. This lowers the risk of crime and prevents costly incidents like vandalism.
  • Prevent and deter crime – The presence of CCTV is enough to deter criminals from even attempting a burglary or break-in. It goes without saying that prior prevention is the best way to protect your business from illegal activity.
  • Assist law enforcement – Even if you are the victim of crime, the footage that CCTV records will allow law enforcement agencies to identify potential suspects, bring them to justice, and recovery stolen goods. After all, the camera never lies.
  • Encourage good behaviour – Workplace incidents such as employee theft are usually incredibly difficult to identify, with some businesses even using security staff to watch over personnel. But this unnecessary expense can be eliminated with CCTV.
  • Increase overall safety – Seeing as CCTV cameras are often installed in high-risk or accident prone areas, they can noticeably increase overall safety. When coupled with remote monitoring, CCTV can ensure employee and customer well-being.

So, is CCV really needed? Well, if your business wants to operate smoothly while enjoying the utmost in security and safety, then yes they are.

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