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Home Security

How secure is your home?

It seems as though one of the biggest New Year’s resolutions for 2018 is already in full swing –  reviewing home security. This follows widespread reports of an elderly, fat gentlemen with a white beard breaking in through the chimneys of millions of households over the Christmas period…

But in all seriousness, home security isn’t something you should joke about. While most families actively encourage the visit of Santa Claus every year, the same can’t be said for other impromptu intruders.

So, just how secure is your home? An absence of the following security steps and measures could give burglars an open invitation to steal your most prized possessions at any time.

Secure your doors

It goes without saying that front doors are the quickest and most convenient point of entry into any home. They are also the first port of call for would-be thieves, as several front doors don’t feature the latest and greatest security features.

Therefore, perform of an inspection of not only your front door, but every other exterior door around your property to ensure the frames are strong enough and the hinges protected. Double check locks are in good condition, fitted properly, and meet insurance requirements. Also, consider installing a deadbolt and peephole if you don’t have them already.

Lock your windows

If a property’s doors are impenetrable, burglars will turn their attention to the windows instead, which require similar security measures. Again, the latches of several windows aren’t always effective in withstanding a break-in and can provide intruders with easy access to your home.

For this reason, think about sturdier locks or key-operated levers. Another option is laminated or tempered glass to protect your home against broken windows. Don’t forget about basement or second-story windows either, because some criminals will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Identify blind spots and dark areas

Even though most thieves act during the day when the majority people are at work, others operate under the cover of darkness. After all, if your home is positioned away from the street or doesn’t have many exterior lights, burglars are likely to go undetected.

This is why you must identify any dark areas or potential blind spots around your property. It’s amazing how effective motion sensor lighting can be in startling and deterring unwanted visitors.

Purchase a security system

From a single burglar alarm to comprehensive CCTV packages, many households put their faith in technology by purchasing some sort of security system. One distinctive advantage is that the broad spectrum of products available means you’ll be able to find a system tailor-made to your requirements.

For example, if you work long hours and aren’t at home during the day, CCTV will always be on hand to protect your property and record instances of unusual activity. Some packages even come with remote monitoring, which enables you to watch in real-time via your computer or a smartphone app.

For more help with your home security requirements, get in touch with Access Facilities Management today.

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