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Remote monitoring

How remote monitoring helps prevent crime

Although CCTV offers a number of advantages, one potential issue is reviewing surveillance footage after a crime has taken place, which can be somewhat futile. Evidence gathered may increase the chance of recovering goods and convicting criminals, but several CCTV systems only offer retrospective help.

This is why more and more businesses are exploring remote monitoring instead, which notifies security personnel of an incident as soon as cameras and detectors on site are triggered.

But how does remote monitoring prevent crime? After all, even if intruders spot CCTV, they may still try their luck and attempt a burglary or break-in anyway. What’s more, remote monitoring remains a reactive security measure that can’t predict the future.

Well, here’s why Access Facilities Management believes remote monitoring is essential when it comes to preventing crime.

It can stop incidents from escalating into something more serious

For all their experience and expertise, security personnel can’t always tell whether individuals on CCTV are innocent bystanders or dangerous criminals. But by remotely monitoring the situation and reacting accordingly, they can make sure illegal activity doesn’t come to fruition.

In these kind of circumstances, remote monitoring is a proactive security measure. Trained operators or officers can attend the site, ensure everything is safe and secure, before returning with invaluable peace of mind that your place of business won’t be the victim of crime.

It can deter crime if the presence of remote monitoring is obvious

Despite the fact some criminals won’t bat an eyelid to the presence of surveillance cameras, others might think twice if they are being monitored remotely. So, it makes sense to put up signs warning potential thieves that their exact movements are being watched and a security officer could be on site at any moment.

Certain remote monitoring systems are sophisticated enough to issue an audio warning too. This is bound to deter intruders and prevent the possibility of crime. If they still carry on regardless, you will have evidence of fair warning and can prove that trespassers knew exactly what they were doing.

It can identify familiar faces and repeat visitors

You’d be surprised at how intelligent many modern-day criminals are. Several will visit a site ahead of time, carry out reconnaissance, and come back at a later date when its more suitable. Without remote monitoring, you never know whether this is taking place or not.

But if security officers are on hand to identify familiar faces and ensure the actions of repeat visitors are legitimate, your business will be much more secure. There’s no need to worry about mistaken identity either, because several security officers have the people skills to blend in with your existing workforce and act as a personable point of contact for customers.

Remote monitoring from Access Facilities Management

Remote monitoring from Access Facilities Management promises to prevent crime with round-the-clock protection and an immediate response to incidents. We will listen to your requirements carefully and put together a tailor-made package for the ultimate in cost-effective business security.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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