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SIA Door Supervisors

The Importance of Employing SIA Door Supervisors

In order to keep the peace and ensure everyone has an enjoyable night out, most pubs and clubs will employ door supervisors. However, it is a criminal offence to undertake the licensable activities of a door supervisor without an SIA licence.

The SIA (Security Industry Authority) is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry, which reports to the Home Secretary. It covers manned guarding (including security guarding, door supervision, close protection, cash and valuables in transit, and public space surveillance using CCTV), key holding and vehicle immobilising.

Although it is every employer’s legal responsibility to ensure that security staff always have the right licence for the role they perform, there are some additional reasons why SIA door supervisors are so important.

Meet and greet customers

Most door supervisors will be the first point of contact for customers. While some people might find their presence intimidating, a door supervisor’s primary role is to guarantee the safety and comfort of patrons.

Such a strong and calming presence is bound to make customers feel at ease straightaway. Door supervisors can also politely assist customers with their queries, such as letting them know the establishment’s opening hours or where the nearest cash machine is.

Safely control the entry of customers

SIA door supervisors are especially important on occasions when lots of people are expected to visit your premises. They can safely control the entry of customers by counting and monitoring numbers according to the venue’s capacity.

As a result, you can rest assured that your customers or guests will remain safe and comfortable at all times. There is no danger of hustle, bustle, or commotion either, as door supervisors will know how to deal with crowds of all sizes.

Search for weapons, drugs and other unwanted items

Certified SIA training provides door supervisors with the skills and knowledge to conduct people searches in the right way. Door supervisors know that not all searches will go smoothly, which calls for caution and the wherewithal to react to worst-case scenarios.

Door supervisors also know the ethical way of handling people and their property during searches, as its critical not to mishandle either. The handling and disarming of weapons, drugs, and unwanted items is covered in SIA training too.

Deny access to or eject unruly and unwelcome customers

Denying access or ejecting customers can be a difficult proposition. However, it could be essential if the health and safety of customers or the legitimacy and reputation of the business is at stake.

Some unruly and unwelcome customers will accept the decision without a fuss. Unfortunately, most take issue with being told what to do, especially after a few drinks. Thankfully, SIA door supervisors can deal with all manner of people and scenarios in the most appropriate way thanks to specific training.

Here at Access Facilities Management, all of our door supervisors hold SIA licenses for the best service possible and your peace of mind. Contact us today to see how they can help your business.

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