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Manned Guarding

The Importance of Manned Guarding

The strategy of protecting a premise or location with valuables/assets from illicit and unauthorized admittance or activity by deploying a team of qualified security guards is an important one. You simply cannot take the risk of doing things otherwise.

From general stores to malls, from businesses to residences and construction sites, there is not an industry or business that security guards could not protect and be of assistance to. Access Facilities Management is famous for providing professional manned guarding services not only in London but across the United Kingdom.

We are determined to provide companies with SIA approved manned guarding personnel.

Reasons Manned Guarding is Important

Deter theft and other crimes

Numerous researches and statistics reveal that having physical watchmen or security guards can deplete the chances of crimes and other wrongdoings. There is no business or site that can keep itself from succumbing to burglary and vandalism without having guards on site.

Although most places have CCTV systems installed which record the criminals and will set the alarm on in an event where a location is being intruded wrongfully, the system does not promise that the criminal will be caught.

However, if there is a physical monitor i.e. a trained security guard on site, their physical presence ought to be sufficient to coerce criminals/individuals to keep away. Physical security guards are even able to catch a trespasser there and then.

Get Solid, Complete Security

As of now, you may have alert and CCTV systems installed on your property, yet utilizing security workforce will provide you complete security with no loopholes. Security guards ought to hold back individuals from invading and carrying out crimes.

If on the off chance, individuals intrude and engage in unlawful things or activities on your property, you always have a physical guard at service in addition to the CCTV and alarms. These three security sources provide complete and more effective solutions when they work collectively!

Heighten Spirit and Confidence

Regardless of the industry you are in or the region/environment, security should be the prime concern of all kinds of businesses.

By having security guards, business owners can spend their time  more productively by focusing on other important things related to the business than worrying about its protection!

Guards also give a sense of assurance to the staff members of your company which ultimately helps in boosting employee morale. Research proves that employees who feel they are important to the company and the company is taking measures for their safety and security tend to be more loyal and productive than those who don’t.

As a businessman or an entrepreneur, you do know how important it is to keep employee morale high and fulfill their security needs is a major step you can take to accomplish that.

By a thing as simple as putting in place a security plan and having manned guards, your business can reach the heights of success that you probably didn’t imagine. Get in touch with us today!

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