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Access Facilities Management

Using a Security Company to Prevent Crime

Regardless of your organisation’s size or sector, the FSB recommends that every business should recognise the ever-present threat of theft and crime. But while there are various different ways you can safeguard your property and possessions, a lot can be said for using a security company, especially when prevention is concerned.

Here at Access Facilities Management, we can provide you with a number of different solutions to thwart thieves in their tracks and keep your business protected at all times. For example, the presence of a security officer or CCTV system will discourage prospective criminals from attempting a robbery or burglary in the first place.

Access Facilities Management’s fully trained staff are always on the look out for suspicious activity and will be alert to any potential threats. The sight of a security guard or mobile patrol will tell others that you are serious about defending your business. However, CCTV surveillance and monitoring is equally effective, as it records permanent and indisputable evidence.

Even though Access Facilities Management is proud of our preventative solutions, we are also fully committed to a professional and personable service should the worst-case scenario occur. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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